Kinesiology Taping & Movement

Movement is key to all healing, regardless of whether you are an elite athlete or someone suffering from persistent pain.

K tape helps us move correctly and support over used muscles or damaged muscles from overtraining or injury.  Kinesiology tape aids healing and increases blood flow and reduces swelling.

Helps improve posture and can be used on most areas of the body.

Please wear or bring shorts and a T-shirt. Your dignity is respected at all times, and each person is an individual and your massage and rehab is designed for you.

Fight Pain!

K tape helps reduce swelling and pain.

Provides Support

K tape can be used to support for training and sports events.

Popular Treatment

Lots of professional athletes and sports persons use K tape and this works alongside massage and exercise.

Improved Posture

Massage can help improve circulation and help with your cardio routines.

The Benefits Of K Taping

During injury blood and other fluids build up causing inflammation and swelling. If there’s too much inflammation, excess is unable to be removed by the lymphatic system. In short, the lymphatic vessels become compressed which prevents oxygen and nutrients from being delivered to healing tissues. When KT tape is properly applied, the elasticity in the KT tape gently lifts the skin from the tissues below. This gentle lifting of the skin creates a space to improve blood and lymphatic flow which ultimately helps to alleviate pressure and reduce swelling. Once blood flow is restored, oxygen and nutrients are better able to reach damaged tissues to help enhance healing.

As a result, there are other benefits to KT taping besides pain relief and reduction of inflammation. KT tape is also used to support injured muscles or joints without restricting full range of motion in individuals with neurological disorders.

It helps to aid in faster muscle recovery, prevents cramps or spasms, prevents over-stretching or over-contraction of muscles, and also enhances muscle tone and strength.

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