Pilates and Level 4 Back Specialist

Pilates was originally founded by Joseph Pilates, his concepts and ideas have been adapted into exercises for people to help improve:

  • Core
  • Posture
  • Back pain
  • Breathing
  • Control
  • Body alignment
  • Flow
  • Concentration

Many people suffer with back pain at some point, this can be caused by bad posture, sitting too long, lifting to heavy, stresses and strains of life.  Most back pain is non specific, its usually muscular, repetitive strain and movement, and benefits from regular exercise.  Pilates and back care focus on exercises to overcome postural and muscular problems.

The classes teach you how to move, become more mobile, flexible and are taught to suit the individuals.  Different levels are offered and the classes are small, friendly, fun, and informative.

6.00 pm to 6.50 pm
Wincobank village Hall
Newman Road
S9 1LQ

Cost £26 per month, 4 weeks free per year included in the cost

First session free if you book for the month

6.00pm to 6.45 pm
Hawksley Avenue
S6 2BD

Cost £26 per month

First session free if you book for the month

Please wear or bring shorts and a T-shirt. Your dignity is respected at all times, and each person is an individual and your massage and rehab is designed for you.

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